Installation Instructions

There are two ways to use PHDL. The first way is with the command prompt (Option 1) and the second way is with an Eclipse IDE Plugin, (Option 2). We encourage new users to start with the plugin (Option 2). IDE plugins provide many useful features such as syntax highlighting, content assist, and automatic code completion that greatly reduce the learning curve with any new language.

Installing the plugin involves a few more steps through the use of eclipse update sites. Due to the nature of open source projects, and in particular the Xtext project which PHDL IDE is built around, the quantity of these steps is expected to decrease in future PHDL releases.

Option 1 ― Install PHDL Command-Line Compiler and Translator

You can run the PHDL compiler as a stand-alone tool without any eclipse support if you would like.

(The above assumes that "." is on your classpath variable.)

Note: Also use the -? flag for help on more command-line flag options.

Option 2 ― Install the PHDL IDE Eclipse Plugin 2.1 (Beta) from the update site:

Getting Started With PHDL

The best place to start is to visit our installation instructions which will help you get PHDL up and running on your machine. Then, be sure to visit the tutorial page.