Seven Segment Controller

This page describes a very simple circuit that lights up individual segments on a seven segment display when the respective switch is flipped. This example illustrates the capability in PHDL to instance devices, declare nets, and define pins all as arrays and then connect the pins of your device to your array of nets with often a single line of code.

Source Code

Both prettified and plain text versions are available.
Prettified Plain Text
ss_Control.phdl ss_Control.phdl
ss_Devices.phdl ss_Devices.phdl

Generated Output

PADs Netlist ss_Control.asc
EAGLE Script ss_Control.scr
Reference Designator Mapping ss_Control.rdm
Bill of Materials
Layout Supplementary Information ss_Control.lsi
Generic XML Netlist

The Device Declarations

Instancing and Declaring Arrays of Devices and Nets

Connecting Arrays of Nets and Pins

For more information on this see the tutorial page on designs.

For more information on combine and arrays in general, see the tutorial arrays page.

Getting Started With PHDL

The best place to start is to visit our installation instructions which will help you get PHDL up and running on your machine. Then, be sure to visit the tutorial page.